Sunday, 21 November 2010

Finite Incanatum!

Stop waving your wands, and put down your quills as I tell you the story of how Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 used a strong dose of veritaserum to ensure I let you know of it's charming qualities ;)

As with all the Harry Potter films, Harry, Hermione and Ron have been faced with a mortal task; destroy & defeat Voldemort. And, as revealed in the Half Blood Prince, that's not exactly going to be simple as a knife to the chest. Voldemort has somewhat split his soul into several pieces, and implanted the pieces into objects, these objects known as horcruxes, which, ironically enough, are near impossible to destroy, great, huh?
As a different thing for this film, the trio aren't at Hogwarts. Infact, the only view of Hogwarts we get is a short snippet of Dumbledore's untimely fall from the Astronomy Tower. The main "settings" for the film are campsites situated in various uknown places.
As in the book, the film tried to portray the tension growing between Hermione and Ron, but the two haven't got much chemistry, which is dissapointing, because I half-expected Harry to kiss Hermine at points. Emma Watson's acting was sub-par this time around. I've always been skeptical about how she delivers her lines, and this film was no exception, she seemed quite wooden and blunt, and at times it felt very scripted. I think I'm probably being fussy, but I would've thought that by now she could act 100% professionally. I dunno :P

But yeah, it was a good film. There were some flaws (the death of a VERY loved one wasn't as touching or emotional as it should've been. There should've been tears, but it wasn't sad enough, something seemed missing...) but there were also some highlights (the animations are fantastic, special effects are stunning, we FINALLY got an inside view of Malfoy Manor and Hermione's torture scene was fantastically played [I never said she was all bad!]) so I'd say this was a good watch, it was definately worth booking the tickets a MONTH in advance - and even by that time the VIP seats were sold out!

This wasn't my favorite in the series, that must be said. I liked it but I didn't like it as much as the Half Blood Prince; though I can't really decide before seeing it's counterpart. Still, it was worth seeing, worth the wait and definately had me on the edge of my seat at times, plus, there was enough Draco for me to go home happy ;)

This gets a Hunni rating of 4 stars. Not excellent, but very very close :)

What did you guys think?

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  1. I absolutely loved it. But yes, I've noticed that its not that Emma Watson says her lines bluntly, just that she had bad timing or a bad pause in between them in a few places. But I think that despite that, she is still overall a good actress.

    The Dobby scene was definitely emotional enough. But when the owl died? Maybe a little bit more emotion? I would think that the owl was just as close to Harry as Dobby, being there and helping him through his troubles through the years, but apparently not.

    Sometimes the scenes were made very artistically. The graphics were great, the sceneries were oftentimes beautiful, and the videotaping angles and such were amazing.

    Overall, I give it a 4.5/5.

  2. I watched it yesterday [Saturday] with my Mum's friend. I loved it! I personally like Emma Watson, but like you, feel that her acting wasn't amazing in this film. Generally, she ain't that bad. But I found Daniel Radcliffe's a lot worse. He said he'd given it 100%, to me, it didn't seem like it. It seemed like he was always delivering the news that someone died. Maybe that's just me though.

    The Dobby scene was quite emotional. And when Hedwig died? Man. That was pathetic. I dunno what he was thinking. "Yeah, I'll lose the companion I had for six years, and my first link to the wizarding world, and I don't care. There's a lot of other owls," That's what it seemed like. I was thinking, wth? And Voldemort [I don't bother with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or You-Know-Who. He can come after me with the taboo, I don't care xD] didn't find out he was the real Harry because of Hedwig. It was because he used the 'Expelliarmus' spell. That really confused me.

    Like you, it wasn't my favorite. I loved it, but not a single one has of yet managed to replace how much I loved Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban. That's definitely my fav.

    I liked the special FX. They were pretty awesome, and you could hardly tell they used a green-screen. The heartbreak to the laugther, Grimmauld Place to the Ministry, I really liked it.

    But like you...I felt it couldn't achieve a full 5. I had to give it a 4.5, too. But hey, it still worked out pretty awesome ;D

    I think the sixth one's where the actors and actresses started thinking, '' because that's where it all

    I'm still more of a Twilight girl :D
    Sorry Alice! I know you hate sparkly vampires x]

  3. Bye Dobby. :o
    That was such a great movie. For not being a huge fan of Harry Potter and seeing only seeing the first two movies, it was great. I think I might be addicted O.o :D

  4. @PwincessSara
    In the book it says that the seven Harrys all carried identical trunks, Firebolts and Hedwigs(whoop whoop), but I haven't watched the film yet so idk. Voldemort knew that it was the real Harry because he thought that "Expelliarmus" was his signature move.

    Can't wait to watch the film ;)

  5. @Sarah:
    I know, but Harry says that Voldemort gave him away because of Hedwig trying to save him. The Hedwig's were stuffed, this one flew :L And I still got confused with how they replaced the owl and Expelliarmus. But in the film, Hedwig dies a better death :]

    I've just watched Remember me, and it had such a sad ending! I cried so much! D;

  6. @Sara and ur... Sarah? Lol

    I think they replaced it because in the films, he doesn't use Expelliarmus as much as he does in the books. True, it is his signature move in both media, but for people that didn't read the books and aren't Potty for Potter, it'd be confusing to say that a simple spell gave him away. I think they made Hedwig become the reason because it'd make her more of a hero when she died, too. But yeah, it was to not-confuse the audience :)

  7. @Alice:
    I guess it makes sense, but if you're quite fussy like me about what they change from the books when making the film, it gets on your nerves xD


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